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Expo 4

Expo 4
 Expo 4 is our all painted boltless shelving system, with bay heights of 2000, 2200 2500 and 3000mm high and shelf widths 700mm, 1000 and 1150mm wide with depths of 300, 400, 500, and 600mm deep. There is also a large range of accessories available.

How to order
1. Select your product type (open or clad bays etc)
2. Then choose the height of the bays
3. And then finally the width
4. You will then be able to order the required number of starter and extension bays in the required depth. You will also be able to choose your upright colour in either blue or black. as well as in additional shelves above the standard six each bay comes with.
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 Expo 4 boltless shelving

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 Product type: Clad Bay

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Height: 2500mm

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