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J&Z Shelving Kits

J&Z Shelving Kits
 J&Z Shelving offers unbeatable value and strength at an incredible price. The bays are constructed with few components and with only a hammer you will build a bay in 10 minutes. There is now a new deck support which offers increased rigidity and performance by connecting the two face beams together as well as supporting the chipboard panel.

How to order
1. Select the required height of a bay
2. Then choose a width of a bay
3. You will then be able to order the required depth in the sizes above. You will also be able to choose any additional shelves above the standard five each bay comes with.
4. Then click ‘add to order’
5. If you then require bays with a different height or width, change the drop down selections and follow the procedure above.

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 J&Z Shelving Kits

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 Height: 2440mm

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